chanderi vs banarasi

This blog today is going to be about how two so similar fabrics can have so much difference. Banarasi and chanderi textile belonging to the same area i.e. north India, therefore, these two products exhibits similar features, but still have lots of differences among the product ranges produced. il_fullxfull.388764566_lkdd.jpgThese are some most distinctive features of these two fabrics-

  1. The chanderi fabric is transparent and sheer in texture. On the other hand the banarasi weavers are known for intricate and beautiful work all over the fabric.
  2. Chanderi is produced in both grounds- cotton & silk, where as banarasi designs are only produced on silk base. ­­­
  3. Chanderi after washing retains its softness while banarasi remains stiff.
  4. “Chanderi has been known for its strong construction and fast colors where as banaras products are known for heavier and deep colors.

acb9c78933f63b670e34240705db.jpgNow stay tuned for some visual explorations done by the existing design of banarasi motifs.


[, 2007, pg-50-51]


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