Finishing and Polishing

  • Completion and Finishing of the Fabric:

The weaving is continued and fabric is patiently completed. If the length is more or less it is cut or extended further and if any obsolete pattern is required again and its arrangement made anew, the new warp-threads are joined on to the old and the old implements are simply slid back, with which, with the detachable implements put on and adjusted, provide again the old pattern.

The completion of the fabric is called reja pujna.

  • Than or Reja

The woven fabric (than or reja), when taken off the loom is called a kora than, the pure fabric. Earlier the fabric was washed in a special solution and pressed and folded afterwards for delivery by ‘kundigar’(special workers).

But now the pressing is done by the machine-rollers. After mounting the fabric on the rollers of the machinery, the sizing solution is gently sprayed over it and the manipulation started. This finishing process is called polishing.

Usually, the local shopkeepers do not keep polished fabrics they do polishing at the time of delivery for free but the sellers outside station keep polished fabrics.

Next up is how banarasi is so different from chanderi.



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