Reconnecting with Nature

In today’s world everyone is busy in his or her life, connection with the close ones seems to be broken. All the targets given by the boss, the desires to have a bigger house, costlier cars, marrying a daughter, giving a nice platform to their son and for children- getting best marks, going to the best college and what not has caught people in a rat trap. Sooner or later we loose the meaning of our lives, people feel trapped, lost, pointless and become anxious.

What we are truly lacking is a connection with the natural world and its music. When I was a child I loved to go to the park everyday and not return but as I grew older, I lost touch with the nature, I was only left with a laptop and some school stuff to do. I sometimes feel totally disconnected from nature, perhaps everything – “story of my life”. Every now and then I feel I need to get out of here and sit somewhere in silence, alone with myself.

I believe that re-establishing a connection with our Mother Earth is crucial. Nature will quiet your mind, open your heart and give peace to your body. Through this you transform and boost the creativity, enthusiasm and zest in you. I recommend you to start reconnecting with nature from today onwards only.

Below are few ways to get reacquainted with the environment.

1.Wake up with natureDSCN6275.jpg It would be a beautiful start of the day when u are having a nice cup of herbal tea with the sun rising to your side. Take all the raise in yourself and have the most waken and fresh day.

2.Smell flowersDSCN6414.JPGPlant few beautiful roses and sunflowers in your garden and that will become the attraction of your house. The fragrance will open up your senses.

3.Walk bare footDSCN5897.JPGOur parents always tell us to wear shoes or slippers all the time but putting our feet in the grass once in a while would be tremendous. As our body is made of five elements earth, water, fire, air, and space. Therefore being close to the earth is very important.

4.yogayoga .JPG

We all know that yoga helps us but we never try and implement it, so now lets get up and make a routine for ourselves and do some ‘asans’.

5.SquirrelsDSCN6297.jpgSmall creatures like squirrels get neglected, the birds and dogs get way more attention, not in a wrong way but why not them. So lets take some walnuts in our pockets for our little friends.

6.Hug a treeDSCN6379.jpgWe have always learnt in our school that plants are living things so giving them a hug would be a peace offering, our mothers always need a hug then why not our mother earth.

7.Play a game or twoDSCN6316.jpgSome people are good at sports but they leave it because of some other priorities. We have so many friends so why cant we give them a call and challenge them for a game.

8.CyclingDSCN6380.JPGWhile going to the park use a cycle instead of your Mercedes and BMWs. Quit your artificial A.C.s for once and try the natural A.C. that god has gifted us.

9.Having street animals aroundcat.JPGStreet animals are same as your pets, caring for them, giving a biscuit or two wouldn’t harm our house budget or even rubbing a hand around will give them the feeling of love and care.

10.Drinking and eating naturalDSCN6415.JPGNow a days we all are inclined to the aerated drinks but what is really good for our health is a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Also eat fruits and vegetables.

I know we all are busy in our huge to-do lists but taking out time for ourselves for some introspection, wouldn’t be too much to ask for.

Respect Life.Act.



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