Flight to Remember

Flights are a comfortable, easy, quick, quite option to travel. But after this experience I feel airplanes should have a security guard who could throw people out if they created nuisance. Airplanes can be noisy because of small children but god can a group of men create that sort of noise. A group of 4 people traveling from Hyderabad to Delhi created chaos during a 2hr flight, they ate food, used language, which shouldn’t be used (bc).

Initially we enjoyed it because me n my dad had moments, which made us laugh. But I hope no one experiences this, come on that man was burping all the time.

Ok this got really terrible.

Intense singing classes started. They wanted ‘All eyes on us’. A partner was telling another to shut but god knows which bathroom singer got in his vocal cord. At least 2 out of 4 were descent enough to fall asleep n not disturb. But the other two were pain in the head.

The man finally slept, but sleeping didn’t help either. He started to snore, like ‘pitch perfect’. Did the man take some sleeping pills? While landing we all need to straighten our seats and put the seat belts on but the man did not get up he was so deeply asleep that people had to shake him but still did not help so the man sitting next to him helped the air-hostess.

Your beautiful trip can he summed up as a disaster if while returning home you get such co passengers.


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