Warangal, Telangana

Warangal Fort 


It was garden that consisted of the remains of the fort that was destroyed long back. The ruins are scattered all over the garden, different pillars which were professionally carved are now distorted.DSCN6620.JPG

This is the zone where the ruins of a great Shiva temple are now seen with only the freestanding “entrance portals” or gates on the sides. Something holy like this should be regularly worshiped as our Indian rules say.


Even thought the arrangement is not very well organized but sometimes organic shapes turn out to be much more interesting.

Bhadrakali Temple


what a temple without any beggar?


Indians worship different things like animals, stones, humans and what not; some people believe some people don’t but that’s not my point. They are so beautiful, therefore, saving their lives no matter because of a belief is worth it.


Bhadrakali Temple is one of the oldest temples for Goddess Bhadrakali. It was a beautiful temple, we even got the chance to hear the ‘arti’.


It was not just a place to worship, it also a place to display and admire dramatic skills. Basically men dressed up and do their makeup for the drama which is presented inside the temple.


The beauty lied in the place where the temple was located-it was on a hilltop with a view of a lake.



What can be better than a watery-melon in a sweaty day? Warangal has a hot climate, therefore, the place has a large plantation of watermelon. There are numerous venders selling them on the roads.


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