Pacific Mall

We all know our teachers never let friends to be in one group and this was my sad story. Our class was divided in groups of 5, my group members are-Ipsa, Adarsh, Sagan, Monalisha and I. We are assigned Pacific mall as our area of research, which is located in Tagore Garden, West Delhi. Metro is a feasible transportation to the mall. The mall gives the place an urban and luxurious look. Pacific Mall has all types of shops and for all age groups – has men and women wear, game zone, food court and even a departmental store. Visiting a mall is the most easy and simple thing, it’s air conditioned, welcoming stores, proper food and you don’t have to use any staircase on the other hand it’s tough to find problems in an organized place. We divided the workload floor wise, as there were 4 floors to look into, me and Ipsa together studied the ground floor. As we were sketching and clicking pictures of the mall, the management started having issues regarding the same. So we had to be careful, the guards had eyes on us.

But unfortunately we miss read the instructions and thus we gathered wrong information, like not wrong but these were instructions for our later part of the module. We had to just observe the system, objects, social culture, marketing and ambience; instead we were busy looking for problems in the mall.

After giving a presentation to our mentors we got a better idea as how to go about the project. Therefore we decided that for our next visit we would move together and divide the categories rather than the floors.

Tell me about your experience if you visited Pacific Mall, Delhi.


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