Our parents give us birth but do they really have the control over us? After some point, I don’t think so.

Being in an Indian society we are taught to give respect to all the elderly but the age of adolescence doesn’t really give us an option. As we cross the age 13-13/14(mostly) we seek for attention from all the people around. There is so much change in our body and mind that we require support from every end but as we know the world doesn’t really stop for anybody. This creates anger, hate and ignorance in us.

Furthermore our agitation leads to arguments and fights with our loved ones, which we feel, will support us no matter we are right or wrong.

During this the people we hurt most are our parents because they feel hopeless and powerless, as they really don’t know what they could do to better the situation. As at this time we all want is that our all demands should be fulfilled no matter hoe silly they are.

We all go through this phase, few step to control the anger are

  • Take some time out: take a break go out for a walk or just listen to some soft music.
  • Control and think before you say something you cant take back: hard to do!
  • Channelize your anger in some productive way: drawing, painting, some instruments or exercise.
  • At the right time take it all out. Bursting is also important. (Otherwise it will hurt you and make you depressed)

Stay happy!!