More Visits

The macro area appointed to us was Pacific Mall. With better and clear understanding we went to the mall this time. I was working on the process and system followed, with that I was helping my group member Sagan to study the ambience of the mall. We started the research from the lower ground and continued the same till the 2nd floor. We had to be careful in this visit as the mall staff could identify our faces and to prevent any further complications we clicked pictures in an artistic way and wrote points in our smart phones.

We observed that the mall is for commercial use; brands form India and outside have their outlets. The people visiting are mostly the youth, belonging to average society. The place is luxurious and urban, depicts modern lifestyle. It is properly organized and has proper system.

The Mall has 5 floors with 3 entries and the mall provides parking and valet facilities. It is properly cleaned before the crowd enters. The mall lacks in signage, as the boards are not visible and readable, whereas has washrooms on every floor, for both men and women. Mall has ample amount of guards at the entrance of the mall as well as stores. Have clearners appointed for all washrooms and food court. Unfortunately Pacific mall has a problem regarding the amount of seating arrangement.

The floors are categorized as lower ground as departmental store, ground floor for women’s wear, first floor for men’s wear and Indian wear, second floor for food and gaming and last floor for movie and kids.

During the week days the crowd consisted of couples and friends the most. They are most of the time watching movie, sitting in the food court or just window shopping, the amount of people who actually wanted to shop were really less. To promote sales the store offer seasonal sale. The prices of the stores in the mall are usually higher than the local market maybe because they are run in a well organized structure and in a 3 story building.


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Pacific Mall

We all know our teachers never let friends to be in one group and this was my sad story. Our class was divided in groups of 5, my group members are-Ipsa, Adarsh, Sagan, Monalisha and I. We are assigned Pacific mall as our area of research, which is located in Tagore Garden, West Delhi. Metro is a feasible transportation to the mall. The mall gives the place an urban and luxurious look. Pacific Mall has all types of shops and for all age groups – has men and women wear, game zone, food court and even a departmental store. Visiting a mall is the most easy and simple thing, it’s air conditioned, welcoming stores, proper food and you don’t have to use any staircase on the other hand it’s tough to find problems in an organized place. We divided the workload floor wise, as there were 4 floors to look into, me and Ipsa together studied the ground floor. As we were sketching and clicking pictures of the mall, the management started having issues regarding the same. So we had to be careful, the guards had eyes on us.

But unfortunately we miss read the instructions and thus we gathered wrong information, like not wrong but these were instructions for our later part of the module. We had to just observe the system, objects, social culture, marketing and ambience; instead we were busy looking for problems in the mall.

After giving a presentation to our mentors we got a better idea as how to go about the project. Therefore we decided that for our next visit we would move together and divide the categories rather than the floors.

Tell me about your experience if you visited Pacific Mall, Delhi.

Final Module

Here comes the final module – design process. It was an amazing year, made new friends, new curriculum, new phase of life.
This final module includes applying sequential approach to design situation using a proper process of designing. It mainly aims at studying macro/micro environment and developing a learner’s sensitivity and responsibility, consider issues faced by the society and culture in an environment.
We will be divided in groups and appointed a macro area somewhere in Delhi, which we will study. We’ll look into it’s social culture, object & material, ambience, process & system and marketing & merchandise. We have to use the same research method used in last module and observe the place inside-outside. After that we need to formulate potential design proposals for the micro areas which we think is inconvenient or improper. With that we need to give a feasible solution to overcome the problem.
Visit to our macro area is scheduled in the coming up week. Lets hope it will be a success.